What to Gift Someone Who Lost Their Spouse?

Parting is never easy, and if that happens between life partners it becomes all the more overwhelming. When your loved one has lost a spouse you must want to do everything you can to remind them that they are not alone. Gifting them something might not immediately lift their mood as they are likely to be still in mourning but it does show them that you love them and will remain by their side regardless of what situation they are in. Gift baskets Toronto suggests a number of thoughtful ideas which you can consider when selecting a gift for them. You don’t want to gift them something that is too sentimental as that may make them sadder but should go for something that shows sympathy. You can choose a gift basket specially designed for funerals.

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Gift Baskets

There are sympathy baskets to suit this particular purpose and gift baskets Toronto can arrange one for you if you are thinking of gifting this to someone. These baskets are very rationally designed and include ready to make food items so that the bereaved does not have to put much effort into making a meal for them. It is hard for anyone to imagine what a widowed person might be going through. But they should be reminded to take care of themselves and the sympathy basket is the best gift you can give them.

But if gift baskets are really not your thing then gift baskets Toronto can arrange for other mindful gifts as well. You can gift them a plant. Flowers will die and remind them of death, but plants symbolize life. So an entire plant is a better option compared to a bouquet of flowers.

You can also gift them a special photograph of the couple together, and that might remind them of happier days and all the memories they have made together. Remembering them might actually make them smile.

Another great option is jewelry, as that too is a sign of everlastingness. A bracelet might be nice, and gift baskets Toronto suggests that you engrave them with a special message. You can also go for religious themed jewelry, like cross pendants or star pendants.

You can also buy them a journal along with a pen. Words live forever, and they might start writing a journal to help them grieve. Writing can be a soothing activity. Losing your spouse means losing your best friend, the person who stayed with through thick and thin, it means losing the one person that you could talk to. And while a journal might not be a replacement, it can fill in the void just a little. Also there might be a lot of thoughts that the bereaved might not want to share with anyone, but they can write that down in their journal instead.

Gift baskets Toronto can arrange for baskets suited to any and every purpose and you can get in touch with them if you require their service. You will get expert advice if you are having trouble choosing the right gift and will end up buying the perfect gift for your loved one.