What are the Different Types of Foundation Repair?

Contents of soil, expansion or compression in soil, natural disasters, improperly compacted soil, or poor maintenance might cause you to repair the foundation structure.  Uneven movement among the various layers of soil after the settlement foundation structure will cause the damage. This is because the foundation structure rests on the soil. Take a look at the different types of Toronto foundation repair techniques.


Sealants in Foundation Repair

If you find a minor and simple crack, it can be treated with the help of sealants or masonry patches. However, you need to do a regular maintenance. Hydraulic cement or polyurethane, or epoxy is some of the sealers which are commonly used in the industry for minor cracks. Chipping the minor crack or doing the masonry patches with the help of sealers are only good when it comes to minor cracks.

Mud Jacking or Slab Jacking In Toronto Foundation Repair

In early times, the sunken slab was raised by filling the mud that is the slab or even filling concrete mixture present under the slab with the help of hydraulic pumps. However, these days, the hydraulic pump had been replaced by the trailer that consists of the polyurethane system.  A trailer that carries the required cube, concrete mixer, portable hydraulic slab-raising pump, and also the time for cleaning process of the machine can be excluded in the new process as it doesn’t require heavy equipment like the concrete mixture and also less time for cleaning the equipment.

In the slab jacking process, the mud mixture is spooned into the concrete mixture to add additives and water.  Thereafter, the final mixture is shifted to the portable pump. When done, the pump can be moved to the required location.  Finally, the mixture is pumped into the drilled holes with the help of a pump.  In this process, only the process of injecting foam is required.  After the holes have been drilled in this Toronto foundation repair process, the injecting gun with one end attached to the hose in inserted in the hole for pumping out the foam.  Within a short period of time, the foam will expand in its volume. Slab jacking is pretty common when it comes to regain the position of the sunken concrete by pumping additives, cement mixture, etc.

Piling or Piercing In Toronto Foundation Repair

The piercing or piling technique can be guessed from the name.  The concrete or steel piers are used for resettling the foundation. However, there is a bit of difference between the piling and piercing technique. Piling can be done by driving piles into the ground while piercing is done by excavation.

Steel Pressed Piling has two ways such as Piercing Helical Piers and Piling Piers. The piling piers are galvanized steel pipes which are driven into the ground with hydraulic ram.  For installing this, the trench has to be dug out.

For this Toronto foundation repair, holes are drilled into the structure which needs repair to a deep depth.  Thereafter, the holes are filled with concrete and reinforcement.

A shaft shaped bell is drilled into the foundation structure and the space of the bell shaft that is removed is filled with concrete and reinforcement.

toronto foundation repair

Soil Modification in Foundation Repair

This is a process to make the soil stiffer and stable than previous.  The void within the soil is filled with the help of chemical.  This is somewhat like slab jacking.