Should You Buy an E-Nail?

Enail are just the ideal tool for taking huge dabs when you feel like. The wiring is housed inside the metal box. Moreover, the attached coil wraps around your head of your nail for replacing the need for torch. On the basis of how much you are willing to pay, there are analog and digital setups which range kin ease of efficiency and usage.

Digital unites will make it easy to maintain a particular temperature each and every time rather than using a timer for checking with the wrist.  Analog units offer the desired consistency and are known to easier for maintaining and transporting.  However, lack of digital reading is going to make it difficult for you to adjust to settings in a proper manner. in case you are confused as to whether or not to buy enail, take a look at these five reasons why you will be happy if you did.


Free to Take a Dab When You Want

At times, you might gave to take a tab within a moment’s notice. Irrespective of whether you want to run out or simply want to take a hit, there is no reason for you to wait.  Keeping your enail turned on is a great option if you want to take a dab whenever you want to.  Nonetheless, this luxury also comes with the added benefit of being responsible for turning off the box at the session’s end.

Buying Butane is Frustrating

If you like dabbing, you might already be aware of the pain of purchasing butane for filling a torch. Running out of fuel might be the worst way of ending a session.  However, purchasing more cans is not the only option.  On basis of how much you are dabbing, the money adds up. Thus, it would be cheaper to get an enail.  Stop going to the local shops for stocking up on the cans and start plugging for dabbing out.

Only Perfect Dabs

Torches can be a great option if you are able to figure out the time between dropping the dab and heating the surface. However, this is not an easy skill that you will be able to master. E nails will put back the control at the hands of the person who is consuming it simply by changing the degree for attaining the desired temperature. Once you are able to find out the best setting for the setup, the days of burning the lungs with the hot nail will perish.

No More Torches at Home

Not every person will agree with having a torch that has a big flame in the house.  However, there are many people who depend on it for medicating with the concentrates on a regular basis.  In case you want to avoid something hazardous, you have an alternative such as electric nail which works as the heat source without even using the flame.

Consistent Temperature for Larger Dabs

Taking large dabs along with a torch is difficult since it means you have to get the nail hotter than usual in the hope that the excessive oil does not cool it. Enail are perfect for taking globs since the coil keep the nail hot instead of cooling it down from the oversized hit.  Having the right source of heat is ideal for large dabs.