10 Cabinet Ideas to Get a Fresh Look for Your Kitchen

If you are planning on getting a modern kitchen, kitchen cabinets Toronto are an obvious choice. Streamlined and sleek cabinets will make your farmhouse, traditional, and coastal kitchen look a bit fresh. With this, you can go glam, color-crazy, minimalist, as you want. As a matter of fact, you will also be able to throw it back to the mid-century.  Whatever is your requirement, you will find the details given below.

Back to Black

The only thing that looks great than a modern kitchen, is black kitchen cabinets. You will be able to skip contrasting hardware and choose to black on black in order to get a more streamlined look for your kitchen.

Mid-Century Glam

The sleek and wooden kitchen cabinets Toronto that are contrasted with the white countertops are actually what the mid-century modern dreams are made of.  A warm wooden tone will help in making the space feel brighter and also more inviting.

Into the Gloss

Do you know about anything which looks more modern than lacquer? Glossy white cabinets should have a matching lacquer parsons table which will make your kitchen look truly exceptional.  It is surely going to perk up the look of the kitchen.

High Enough Cabinets

Ceiling-height cabinets without any type of visible wall space are going to give a more streamlined look to your kitchen.  Make sure that you opt for a warming and soft color for the kitchen cabinets Toronto.  This way you can get a sophisticated look for your kitchen.

Mix Marble with Wood

With the help of this idea, you will be able to get a mix of textures.  You can combine Marble Island with the light wood cabinets.  This is will offer a glam combined with a rustic look along with a perfectly modern mash-up.

toronto kitchen cabinets

Dark and Stormy

In case you like things dark but dark appears too daunting for your kitchen then you should opt for navy blue color. There are some hardware companies that believe that it makes the cabinet look more streamlined and simple.

White Out

White kitchen cabinets Toronto need not be overtly feminine.  You can keep your cabinets minimal without keeping in fussy or heavy hardware for a relaxed and cool feel.

Go Green

You need to keep everything white and sparse. Thereafter, add in a pop of color with the lower cabinets.  The jewelry toned green ones look amazing.

kitchen cabinets toronto

Mix Up

If you use more than one décor style in the kitchen cabinets Toronto is fair game.  Modern white cabinets having brass hardware will help a coastal or country-like space feel more contemporary.


Dark and heavy hardware for the kitchen cabinets will help you to get sleek white cabinets.  This will enable you to get a modern look for your kitchen with an industrial edge. It is just the perfect accent to get a dark-grouted subway tile.

With the help of these amazing ideas, you will be able to turn your dream kitchen into reality. Just choose the one that you like the most.